I'm an artist and a game developer.

Art and games have been important parts of my life since I can remember, and bring me both great joy, and deep satisfaction. I believe I'm very fortunate to be a part of an industry where I can explore and contribute to these mediums. I specialize in visual development, character design, and creature design.

I'm passionate about story telling, art, reading, comics, games, ancient history, paleontology, wildlife, nature, collaborating with good friends, spending quality time with family, and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.

I've recently become a father. Watching my son grow, and seeing the world anew through his eyes, has been the most wonderful experience of my life.

I'm also pretty happy that STAR WARS is back.

Thanks for looking through the work.

All the best,



Concept Artist

Riot Games R&D
January 2017 - Present |

Visual development for unannounced projects.


Outfield Studios
January 2017 - Present | United States of America

Visual development for unannounced projects.


Laguna College of Art and Design
January 2017 - Present |

Creativity, ideation, and iteration.

Independent Contractor

January 2016 - October 2017 |

Visual development for unannounced titles.

Riot Games. VisionWard. Wargaming. Axis Animation. Ready at Dawn.

Concept Artist

Turtle Rock Studios
February 2011 - February 2016 | Lake Forest , United States of America


(pre-production through post launch)