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Silhouettes are an important part of my character development process. They are a very useful tool for evaluating and unifying the visual relationships amongst a broad character roster. I am primarily concerned with shape, and gesture at this stage, and if a concept appears to be working at this scale, then I start to get excited.

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Scott flanders e2 hunter silhouettes

Evolve silhouettes.

Scott flanders e2 hunter silhouettes trappers

Trappers sport sweeping dusters, trench coats and gillie suits to reinforce their role as pursuers via secondary animations.

Scott flanders e2 hunter silhouettes assault

The variety of shapes and scale within the assault class are meant to reinforce the uniqueness of these characters, who are brave (or crazy) enough to engage a 15 foot monster face to face.

Scott flanders e2 hunter silhouettes medics

Medics embodied sturdiness and defensive capability, while rounded forms suggest some level of empathy or gentleness.

Scott flanders e2 hunter silhouettes support

The support class, or 'Combat IT', are laden with gear. Tool belts, cables, and wires protrude from a bottom heavy frame which is meant to reinforce the role of this class as the resourceful foundation of the hunter team.

Scott flanders evolve hunter silhouettes

Early silhouettes exploring hunter archetypes.

Scott flanders grip silhouettes 1

Shape exploration for an unannounced title.

Scott flanders grip silhouettes detail

The stylized characters of the classic Archie and Jughead comic were being explored as a reference point for this project.